Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Stand for #JMUhopestrong

It's done.

7 WONDERFUL dancers and 7 WONDERFUL Stars got on stage and danced for a purpose that really matters to the JMU community - or anyone for that matter. They put themselves out there saying - it's okay to need help, to talk about mental health, to ask for help, to encourage one another.


This event has been in the works since November 2012. Every single minute, hour, phone call, email, meeting and arrangement was 110% worth it - because JMU heard the message loud and clear: we're in this together. Life happens - and we are not alone.


Dancing with the Stars of JMU for Suicide Prevention happened because students, faculty, staff, administration, organizations and the like all came together and said: "Our mental and emotional wellbeing are important too."


Tonight may be over, but always remember that you're not alone. Always remember that you matter, always remember that you are worth the time and the energy that it takes to become the best you!

Always and Forever #JMUhopestrong

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