Monday, September 24, 2012

HOPE is contagious.

HOPE is contagious. 

I had a long weekend, not terrible, but long - and my brain was fighting me the whole time... I felt tired and run down, things we all feel from time to time.

And then this happened:

I asked some friends to help me Spread HOPE and spread awareness about the event "Where I Stand" - and people responded. Our facebook invites tripled in less than 24 hrs - I started receiving messages asking how people can help.

And all I can say is.... HOPE is contagious. Things change one person at a time, one conversation, one event, one kind act - and it spreads.

Spread the word about Where I Stand - Spread HOPE.

Invite your friends on facebook to the event.
Have a conversation
Make a phone call
Share this blog

- and ask them to do it too - because HOPE is contagious.

Hope is infecting the Valley....

Light is stronger than darkness.

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