Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let the whole world hear..... [and become aware]

Today is a strange day. I didn't sleep last night. I have a Spanish test in two hours, and some of the most personal parts of my life are now in print all over the Roanoke Valley.

I feel strange - in a good way - relief almost. The secret is out.

I, Erin Elizabeth Casey am NOT perfect.
I struggle, I cry, I do stupid things
I have challenges, frustrations,
Off days - Off weeks even


That is okay.

Take a look at the two pieces Where I Stand has been featured in over the past week or so. Let the whole world hear.... [and become aware] I'm not perfect - and if we're honest neither are you.

Say it out loud today, the relief is amazing!

Dan Casey's Column: Eating Disorders can take a toll on any family

Avery Eliades Blog post: Where I Stand Benefit to shine light on eating disorders


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